Dwarda Downs Country Hideaway
Accommodation close to Perth, closer to country...

"Thanks for the amazing stay!" - Ian and Judy

Welcome to our fully self-contained country farmstay retreat. With a self-rated 3½ star status, our guest cottage accommodation makes for a relaxing and comfortable getaway. Our eco-friendly hideaway and billabong is also a fully solar-powered site and a smoking-free zone set in 150 acres of bush.

You are cordially invited to experience nature's finest accommodation at Dwardaowns Country Hideaway.

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Facilities and Services

* We operate an off-the-grid eco power system, so please use only the supplied electrical appliances.
** Please enquire before use as fire bans exist at certain times.

The Cottage

The farmstay cottage itself has a laundry, kitchen, lounge, bathroom, and two bedrooms. The master bedroom holds one queen-sized bed. With two sets of double-bunks, the second bedroom can sleep up to four people. If you have a larger sized family or group of guests (up to eight), one lounge suite will fold out to accommodate another double bed in the living room.

With a hot shower, kitchen facilities (complete with cutlery and crockery), and a cozy log fire burning in the winter, the cottage amenities will allow for creature comforts after the day's activities. Like the surrounding bush, the lounge/living area is secluded and peaceful. The TV/DVD has connection with regional satellite channels allowing for some contact with the outside world.

You will have a number of dining options during your stay. If you like a good aussie BBQ, you might enjoy relaxing on the verandahs while dinner is being prepared. The outdoor setting is often a place to enjoy the birds and listen to a gentle breeze while the indoor accommodation area may provide a more traditional dining experience during the colder winter months.

Just off the back step, you will find the children's playset. Two steps more and you're in the bush for a leisurely stroll to enjoy the wildflowers. You are welcome to experience the warmth of the flickering firelight on a cold night around the outdoor campfire - please note that fire bans are in place during certain months of the year. For this reason, we ask that you enquire at the homestead before using the fire.

Things to Do

Whatever your lifestyle, the farmstay provides something for everyone. Whilst you are enjoying the scenic, peaceful, and unique surrounds there are also plenty of activities to complement your stay. Here are a few to get you started:

The Billabong

As you approach the billabong, a gentle breeze rustling leaves of nearby trees moves quietly across the still water. A flick on the surface indicates the presence of trout.

Although you came to take in the yabby net, you pause a moment to take in the colors and reflections on the water. Pulling the net, you see it's full - you take a couple of the biggest and wander back to the cottage.

The farmstay billabong provides a world of fantastic possibilities for leisurely activities and relaxation. Accommodation guests find the billabong atmosphere a place of peaceful reflection. A chance to retreat from the pressures of daily life — and to breathe.

The Flora and Fauna

Breathing in the scenic spring air is beautiful. The gentle crunch of dry leaves underfoot reminds you that summer is on its way. In contrast, the petals are soft to see and soft to touch. Many seasonal species are in bloom including drosera, lechnaultia, dampiera, grevillea, dryandra, native peas, petrophiles, hakea, and trigger plants. Hunting for wildflowers makes passing time a joy. . .

Bruce has mapped out a number of bushwalk trails around the hideaway area to make it easy for you to get around. You will experience different aspects of the farm on each of the tracks. A wide range of bird and animal life can also be spotted.

Amongst many more, some commonly seen species include:

  Brushtail Possum
  Western Grey Kangaroo
  Shingleback Lizard (Bobtail)
  Western Rosella
  Australian Ringneck Parrot
  Laughing Kookaburra
  White-tailed Black Cockatoo
  Pink & Grey Cockatoo (Galah)
  Tawny Frog Mouth and Southern Boobook Owls
  Willy Wagtail

An avid naturalist on occasion might also sight:

  Wedge-tailed Eagle
  Blue Wren
  Spiny Echidna
  Racehorse Goanna
  Western Brush Wallaby
  Western Ring-tailed Possum
  Southern Brown Bandicoot (Quenda)
The Farm Animals

The hideaway has plenty to offer for young and old alike. As part of an operational farm, we keep sheep, chickens, and pigs at various locations around the property.

The End of the Day

Twilight is approaching and the fire is warming up. The outdoor flames cut the cool air as you huddle down for a relaxing evening. The beautiful colours in the sky make way for another breathtaking, starry night and you put the billy on to boil.

We hope you enjoy your relaxing itinerary at Dwarda Downs Country Hideaway!

How to Get Here

Our country retreat is also a perfect stopover for anybody travelling in the area as we are located close to the Albany Highway.

Getting to 1066 Extracts Road can be easy :

  1. Locate Williams on the Albany Highway
  2. Turn onto Extracts Road  ~  25 km north of Williams
  3. Travel 11 km to "Dwarda Downs" farm gate
  4. Follow sign to Homestead

Client Feedback

"Magic in a Wandoo Woodland! The cottage is, indeed, in the woods. Every necessity, very comfortable. At first glance this place is tough and dry... and then you look down!" - Dennis and Ev

"What an awesome time spent at the retreat. Great spot for family and relaxation. Nothing like having a BBQ in the bush. Oh, and the kids absolutely loved Scooby!" - Anthony and Kate

"Bruce and Liz went above and beyond to make sure our stay was comfortable. Thanks for sharing part of your wonderful bushland." - Sharon

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